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Abuse of video games effects

Video Games: Leisure or Abuse?

The development of technology affects most aspects of life of the modern society. Video games, for instance, have a strong influence on the sphere of entertainment and hobbies and are the topic of dispute for many researchers. Studies shows that the use of games can have positive effects on a person’s skills, while the abuse of games can cause many psychological and physiological diseases.
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On the one hand, despite the negative consequences of the abuse of video games, there are benefits that can help people develop. First, the player’s cognitive functions improve due to the many schemes used in video games. Most of these programs focus on a combination of logical and speed problems which makes the brain switch constantly. In this regard, people who play often can notice that their conjectural functions in training are significantly higher than in others, which is associated with changes in the brain function.

In addition, many video games players have a higher level of coordination between the eyes, hands, and fingers. The bottom line is that most games are associated with tasks for reactions requiring not only attention to detail but also to a visual series, so the player needs to perform fast and correct actions. In this case, eyes and hands get used to working in a coordinated way, and this can even save a person’s life in case he or she needs a quick reaction in a certain situation.

What is essential, an increased attention to details and accuracy are the most common qualities that are inherent in people who are addicted to video games. Any quest in the plot of these games relates to the fact that if the player does not perform the task with accuracy, the experience becomes lost and the person should start from the very beginning. Thus, during the execution of learning and work tasks, a person, who has experience with video games, can show better results.

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Moreover, people who play video games at least sometimes feel more confident during decision-making process. It is a well-known fact that modern games with complex plots can change under the influence of players and that allows different people to go through the same games in different ways depending on their decisions. In this way, people learn to take various influential and complex decisions in comfortable conditions that can help them in real life, when others cannot withstand the stress level.

In addition, the development of modern technologies allows players to use their teamwork skills to improve their abilities both in the game and in real life. In some video games, people can talk in chats and perform tasks and quests together which teaches them to negotiate, create a team, show leadership qualities and so on (Greenfield). At the same time, a comfortable environment speeds up the period for which players show these skills. In this way, there are many pieces of evidence of the fact that the use of video games for the development of various skills can have positive effects on a person’s life.

On the other hand, there are reasons why some people should be restricted in using video games, because they can have adverse effects on them. To begin with, many researchers note that teenagers, who play first-person games and execute quests for murder, experience an increased level of aggression in real life (Gunter). As a result, although these tendencies lead to dangerous cases quite rarely, people, who spend a lot of time performing such tasks in the game, can remain in a state of aggression throughout the day.

Besides, abuse of video games can lead to players isolation from the community. As already described above, many games have complex subjects that attract players and do not allow them to break away from the quests to communicate with friends and family. Some players spend so much time on video games that they cannot cope with training, work, and additional hobbies. In this case, social isolation is the most common problem for players who devote more time to quests than real life.

What is important, many of the most popular modern games can give players misconceptions about social values. The fact is that games began to appear long before the social justice and equality between all members of the community became a popular idea that is fixed by law. In this context, although the games do not call for violence and oppression directly, they often show that the female and non-Caucasian characters are weaker in different aspects. Thus, through the plots of games, many people learn wrong ideas about members of the community and can transfer their opinion in real life which can influence the development of society as a whole.

Moreover, despite the fact that video games can positively influence the development of some crucial skills for quick learning, the abuse of this hobby can negatively affect learning. Unfortunately, some players spend too much time going through the quests and performing tasks for the video game scenes, which takes the time of their sleep, training, participation in school life etc. (Anderson et al.). Even though a person can have a high ability to accurately and quickly solve various acoustical problems, he or she may not use these opportunities because of attachment to one hobby.

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Most games require players to be near a computer or console for a long time, which worsens their health. The vision, muscles, skeleton, and the human psyche are strongly influenced both by the sedentary lifestyle and by isolation from a change in activity and live communication. In this way, many common diseases can develop due to the abuse of video games over time.

Nevertheless, all the above-described negative effects develop only if a person experiences dependence on video games, which is expressed in several basic signs. First, a person, who is addicted to video games, expresses a high concern for this hobby and thinks about it even when he does not play. As a result, other spheres of life except the game no longer interest this person. Second, dependent people never acknowledge what amount of time and money resources they spent on their hobby. They become secretive and justified or even aggressive if someone is interested in their condition. Lastly, of course, dependent players cannot control the time they spend on the game.

In conclusion, modern video games are one of the most popular hobbies among teenagers, which can have both positive and negative effects on their social life, learning, and health. Many positive results are related to the fact that each game teaches players how to respond to situations, make decisions, perform tasks, and work in cooperation with other players. At the same time, the negative consequences from the hobby of video games are associated only with their abuse, which affects the development of diseases of the psyche and muscles. Moreover, getting used to video games can lead to poor results in social and academic activities, despite the well-developed ability to learn and communicate. Thereby, the use of games for entertainment can be useful while specialists should regulate dependence.

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