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A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind Free Essay

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A Beautiful Mind is a true masterpiece that was brilliantly directed by Ron Howard and has all chances to take the high positions in the lists of the best films of all time. The fascinating story of John Nash, an extremely talented mathematician, and Nobel Prize winner, who suffered from schizophrenia throughout his life, cannot leave anyone untouched. Paranoid delusions and the constant fear of fraud, as well as disturbing atmosphere, present only a small part of movie’s advantages. Ron Howards sets an extremely complicated task of finding the perfect balance between personal and historical and remarkably copes with it.

Playing the character of John Nash, Russell Crowe presents one of the best acting performances in his career. John Nash, a young mathematician, is slightly eccentric and closed. While all his classmates combine the studying process with visits to the bar, John is looking for an original idea that can become the basis for his scientific work. John’s roommate and his complete antipode Charles, brilliantly played by Paul Bettany, helps him with that. After moving to the university, Nash meets Alicia, outstandingly performed by Jennifer Connelly, who eventually becomes his wife and supports him despite all the hardships. Then John gets into a secret laboratory, where he is enlisted by a strange man in civilian clothes named Parcher. Ron Howard made an ingenious decision to invite Ed Harris for the role of Parcher’s mysterious character. However, after Nash meets him, oddities begin to occur. It seems that only John sees both his friend and the recruiter. Now the genius will have to determine what is real and what is just the result of his imagination.

The Unique Atmosphere

The primary outstanding feature of the movie is a unique filming style. The director tracks the fate of the talented scientist for half a century. Thus, apparently, one could consider this work as a usual biographical narrative, where the only unusual element is the splitting of the protagonist’s consciousness, which, however, can serve as a typical attribute of the genius’s strange behavior.

However, in this movie, the eccentric mathematician lives in two parallel realities that intersect each other. Secondly, Ron Howard masterfully uses the historical context. It is especially impressive that the dramatic gap in John Nash’s perception of reality occurred in the historical period when the whole American nation embraced anti-spy-mania. Therefore, the fact that Nash was recruited by the special agent Parcher, who force the mathematician to detect a secret code of the supporters of the communists, who were supposedly preparing acts of sabotage in the United States, seems quite logical. The director managed to perfectly construct the inner world of the main character, vividly recreate the distant era of the Cold War, and achieve excellence in the harmony between the acting and scenery.

Finally, the movie contains an impressive cast headed by Russell Crowe’s. The actor, who is usually playing romantic and heroic roles, found a rare dramatic gift to present different incarnations of a character. The personality of John Nash evolves from an absolutely naive, young, and full of high hopes mathematician to an experienced professor who found himself in nurturing new talents at the end of life. More importantly, Crowe is able to show the enthusiasm of a talented scientist who experiences a true obsession bordering on insanity and a complete loss of contact with reality. The sophisticated audience can name the long duration as the primary disadvantage of A Beautiful Mind. However, I encourage everyone to watch it and feel a unique atmosphere that makes it both biographical and touching.

A Beautiful Mind appears in all American movie theaters on 4 January 2002.

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