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Category: Health and Medicine Essays

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Free Essay

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Introduction Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is characterized by an increasing number of people, who pursue health and well-being. There are five major categories of CAM, with acupuncture being one of them.

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Global Health and Foreign Policy Integration

Article Review: Global Health and Foreign Policy Integration

Abstract The article “Global Health Diplomacy: The New Recognition of Health in Foreign Policy” by Kickbusch and Erk (2009) discusses the first steps of foreign policy taken towards the acknowledgment of health as a global public good.

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Communicable Diseases: Tuberculosis Free Essay

Communicable Diseases: Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) (also known as Koch's disease) is a communicable disease that is spread through the air. The incidence and the prevalence of this disease are not considerable to warrant immediate attention of the entire global health care system.

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Postpartum Depression Free Essay

Postpartum Depression

Introduction Depression is one of the prevalent mental health disorders in the community. The most affected group comprise of women of the childbearing age. Therefore, the perinatal period is accompanied by many risk factors for the disease (Mennen et al.

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Healthcare Technologies in the Future Free Sample Essay

Healthcare Technologies in the Future

Abstract Technology is a valuable tool for medical specialists nowadays, and it will continue to influence health care in the future. The purpose of the paper is to discuss in what way technological advancement impacts the professional activity of healthcare specialists and how technology can help implement important changes in the lifestyle of people.

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