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Persuasive Speech Topics: Unique Topics for Your Excellent Speeches

It is a challenging task to choose the best one among numerous persuasive speech topics.

Persuasive Speech Topics

Choosing the Best Topic for a Speech: How to Do It Right

So, which aspects should you take into consideration? Here are some of them:

  • – How familiar you are with the topic?
  • – Are you interested in the topic?

You will not be interested in research if you are indifferent to the topic of your speech. However good persuasive speech topics are, if you have no genuine passion to them, your speech will be boring for your audience. Your listeners will be enthusiastic about what you want to tell them about only if you are!

  • – Is the topic interesting for your audience?

It is impossible to gain the listeners’ attention if you choose too easy persuasive speech topics or if the audience does not understand what you want them to listen about.

  • – Does the topic allow visualization?

Interesting persuasive speech topics are typically descriptive as it is more interesting for the audience, and they perceive the information much better.

  • – Is the topic new?

People mostly prefer unique persuasive speech topics, as it is unlikely that they will have genuine interest in something they have already heard about several times. Clichés, threadbare jokes, and too popular topics will not gain interest among the listeners as they will not sound new for them. The only exception will be if you manage to find a new perspective to look at the common fact, event, or phenomenon.

  • – Is your persuasive speech going to be emotional?

Persuasion is possible only if people feel motivated and emotional about the topic for discussion. They will react to what you say only if you manage to appeal to their feelings.

  • – Are the speech topics related to issues that are important for the listeners?

The audience will be listening to your speech more attentively if the topic will be related to their everyday life or the place where they live. Get a hint from local news and local issues to gain their interest.

  • – Have you specified what outcome you would like to get?

Try to answer the following question: what do you expect your listeners to do after they have heard your speech? The answer to this question will help you choose among numerous speech topic ideas. For example, if you want to encourage people to recycle more, you have to choose a speech topic related to effects of using plastic bags from the supermarket.

Looking through a list of persuasive speech topics, keep in mind that you have to provoke your audience to convince them. The people will be attentive if their emotions will be stirred and their feelings affected. Read through the topics we offer an either generate your own or take one of them to brainstorm and impress the audience.

Persuasive Speech Topics for College: List for You to Choose From

1. It is beneficial to wear school uniforms.
2. It is wrong to have single-sex colleges.
3. Essays have few advantages than multiple choice tests.
4. Space exploration should not be funded.
5. The efficiency of open-book and closed-book tests is the same.
6. Having CCTV cameras adds to safety.
7. It is parents’ responsibility to check on the students’ grades.
8. Large classes are worse than small classes.
9. It is never too early to save for retirement.
10. College students feel negative influence of credit cards.
11. Shall we have a royal family in our country?
12. Protection of endangered animals is a must.

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

13. Is it right to let the minors ensure birth control with no consent of their parents?
14. Would it be right to make telling lies about HIV status illegal?
15. Is it right for the governments to tax sugary drinks?
16. Is it right to ensure free access of high school students to condoms?
17. Would the health care of a single-payer type be better?
18. Should is be a requirement for all healthy people donate blood regularly?
19. Can assisted suicide get a legal status?
20. Is it right to allow human cloning at the national level?


21. Can monkeys, lions, and other exotic animals be pets?
22. Is it ethical to take selfies with animals at tourist locations?
23. Are pit bulls safe enough for allowing people to own them?
24. Should animal testing be treated as an illegal research method?
25. Should animal testing be forbidden by the government?

Health Persuasive Speech Topics

26. Should marijuana be made legal in use to treat mental disorders?
27. Does it sound right that the parents select the gender of their children?
28. Can the state allow surrogate motherhood?
29. Should students without vaccinations be forbidden to attend public schools?

Excellent Persuasive Speech Topics

30. Should renewable energy be the main source of energy for the states?
31. Should grocery stores sell GM foods?
32. Can plastic bags be allows in grocery stores despite their effect on the environment?
33. Is banning of the puppy mills desirable?
34. Should the budget of NASA be increased?
35. Pluto used to be viewed as a planet. Is it right to believe so even now?
36. What will be the effect of robots on the human employment?
37. What is the most suitable age for the children to get their first cell phones?
38. Will libraries defeated with e-books?
39. Is it important for United States to rejoin the Paris Agreement?
40. Is the main effect of technology related to connecting or isolating people?
41. Should self-driving cars be banned?
42. Is it right to ensure the energy efficiency of all buildings?
43. Does fame have a negative impact on young people?
44. Does video games violence affect younger generations?
45. Do classic books make people better?
46. Is loyalty important for athletes?
47. Boot camps make the juvenile offenders much better.
48. Should the hydraulic fracturing technology be legal?
49. Should marine drilling be allowed in protected marine areas?
50. What are the pros and cons of Net Neutrality?
51. Can the increasing of train level help to save the environment?

Great Topics for TED Speakers

52. Prison reforms are a must at the current stage.
53. Free attendance to universities is a must.
54. Should every organization be responsible for tax-paying, including religious community organizations?
55. School schools have prayers as a part of education?
56. Should teachers’ certification take place every several years?
57. Are breaks for meditation needed at schools?
58. Is the value of higher education significant?
59. Can bullying be stopped at schools?
60. Is it naïve to hope for peace all over the globe?
61. Are CCTV cameras violating the people’s privacy?
62. Does voting matter?
63. Can newspapers disappear because of the impact of the Internet?
64. Should the government vote for the abolishment of death penalty?
65. Will the role of robots in the future as huge as it is seen now?
66. Can online education be regular?
67. Which country has the highest level of safety?
68. Does Alcoholics Anonymous help people?
69. Should recycling be made obligatory for everybody?
70. Shall the prisons be reformed?
71. Do TV ads send subliminal messages?

Impressive Topics for TED Talks

72. Can breakfast be skipped?
73. Should spanking of the children be illegal?
74. Should using smartphones be illegal while driving?
75. Is the language of women and men different?
76. Should adoption be legal only for two-parent families?
77. Can mental illnesses be treated with music?
78. Does vegetarianism deal with the love for animals?
79. What is the role of computer mediated communication (CVC) at work?
80. What is the relation between global warming and human activities?

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