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Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement

In order to gain academic success, students are required to prepare a personal statement, statement of purpose, or both.

Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement

Sometimes the instructions even say, “Write a Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose.” In the current article, we want to let you know the essentials of both assignments and point out their differences.

Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement: Hints to be Considered

If you have to prepare both a personal statement and a statement of purpose, the great news is that the major part of the information is the same for both papers. Of course, you may submit the same piece for two assignments, however, we assure you that by shaping the paper according to the specific formatting and organization required by both tasks, you will be able to reach the desired outcome. Below you will find some secrets that will help you understand the essential difference between a personal statement and a statement of purpose.

Personal Statement

First, a personal statement gives a student more freedom than a statement of purpose. However, it can be both an advantage and disadvantage. By telling too many things in the personal statement, the student may lose focus and get an unsatisfactory grade. As such, in your statement, you need to explain why you are passionate about this field of study and why you decided to apply to this particular program. If you have space, you may tell me about your previous experience, which may help pursue this degree. Even if it takes only one-two sentence, feel free to explain how your experience has prepared you to further study.

Statement of Purpose

Compared to a personal statement, a statement of purpose should have a clearer focus. It should point out the knowledge, skills, and competencies you possess that can help pursue a specific degree. In your statement of purpose, be sure to emphasize the reasons that make you apply to this particular educational institution. Also, include some information about particular classes, professors you admire, and some other factors, which determined your desire to become a part of the program. Avoid writing about anything that is not related to the program. A strong statement of purpose should:

  • Be focused on the specific interest of the applicant in the particular field;
  • Explain in detail how the applicant`s previous experiences have developed into the current interests;
  • Explain how the applicant`s research interests fit the current educational institution.

Personal Statement vs Statement of Purpose: Common Features

In general, both of these assignments need to focus on the applicant, his/her career goals, and aspirations. As such, in both papers, you need to mention your experiences, skills, personal traits, internships, and awards. Whereas in your statement, you need to tell about the path that has led you to the decision to pursue a certain degree, your statement of purpose needs to focus on your long-term goals related to the career chosen.

Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement: Effective Tips

You have to understand that no matter what paper you need to provide, both of them require maximum attention since both of them can determine the future path of the applicant. As such, we highly recommend you learn much information about both these papers.
Also, keep in mind that every specific discipline requires a specific paper. It means that if you pursue a degree in Pharmacy, you have to find out the effective pharmacy personal statement tips. Indeed, there are many manuals, as well as pre-written personal statements and statements of purpose available online. You need to study them to understand how such papers should be organized and formatted. However, you should forget about copy-pasting from these samples since it will lead to failure. All in all, both the personal statement and the statement of purpose should introduce you, your interests, experience, and achievements. Both the assignments should demonstrate your passion for pursuing the desired career. Finally, both of them should demonstrate to the admission committee what makes you different from other applicants.

Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement: How to Succeed?

So, study the prompt carefully and start working on your paper once you receive the task. Do not procrastinate! We assure you that having enough time for writing and proper revision will increase your chances of achieving the desired outcome. After all, by applying a professional approach to writing your paper, you will be accepted to the desired educational institution.

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