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Music Playlist Websites

The efforts to design and enjoy a perfect playlist are often shattered because song selection options are often quite limited, interface is rather complicated and does not provide much convenience, and there is a lack of proper insight into upcoming songs.

Music Playlist Websites

That is the reason why I have been trying to develop the most appropriate and efficient playlists and now I am ready to share with you the results of my search. Keep the best one just for you or try each item for different music preferences, I believe you will enjoy it in any case.

4 Websites for Your Joy

1. Slacker
This website is the smartest choice for creating extensive playlists. One of the most important advantages of Slacker is a tremendous assortment of pre-fabricated stations, which allows this service to cover all music genres. So, even the most bizarre and rare music preferences will be satisfied with the huge selection potential and overall convenience of the service. You just search for the right song or singer and then fine-tune it.

In addition, recommendations relying on your previous choices are also provided. And the most exciting news: you can mix your selected music with unfamiliar tracks so as always enjoy good music and do not get tired of the same tracks!

2. Favtape
Favtape is a smooth fusion of, Pandora, Slinkset and SeeqPod. It is aimed at users with different music preferences and provides them with an opportunity to build personal playlists online. The website claims that its service is “the easiest way to play music online”. I do agree that they are great at producing music playlists, and users appreciate Favtape for various options and comparative simplicity.

You can build a playlist by means of particular songs or singers search and also the website provides you with a comprehensive list of tracks which apparently match your queries.

This website is a true blessing for those who adore automatically created playlists based on the blips of your friends, so this is more like social media with music bonuses. is connected with such significant services as Tumblr, Twitter, and FriendFeed. Actually, it is an awesome opportunity to discover new dimensions of music apart from the trends already familiar to you, and feel yourself a kind of a DJ!

4. Grooveshark
It is simple and it is quick. You search, you define your preferences – and the rest is done by Grooveshark. Recommendations are provided, favorites can be marked, and tracks can be embedded on your personal website as widgets.

Keep the music on and enjoy it! These websites will certainly make your life a bit more amazing!

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