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Medical School Diversity Essay: Brilliant Tips on Writing

Students who have entered a medical school frequently ask questions how to write a medical school diversity essay for their classes.

Medical School Essay

The place of diversity in the healthcare system

Many of them do not fully realize the importance of diversity and its role in providing quality care. Others consider diversity to be more of a political issue that has nothing to do with health care and studying at a medical or nursing school. Still, despite the plethora of opinions, assigning a diversity essay for medical school has become a part and parcel of the educational process. Read on and find out the role of diversity in medical settings.

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Diversity plays a crucial role in healthcare settings, so discussion of diversity in medical schools serves more of a utilitarian purpose that future doctors and nurses have to realize. When we deal with diversity in medical settings, we mean the equal quality of care to all patients regardless of their background and social status. Having clarified the issue of diversity and its importance for medical settings, it is high time to discuss what a medical school diversity essay should look like.

When writing a medical school diversity essay to apply for college studying, consider the following:

  1. The issue of diversity and the problem of underrepresented minorities are different things.

Diversity refers to applying various perspectives in a certain setting to bring about more comprehensive and effective results. When it comes to the healthcare setting, it refers to the process of improving patient care and treating the patient fairly.
Therefore, diversity is a broader term and refers not only to the medical treatment of minorities. Diversity may entail such phenomena as multiculturalism, multilingualism, special qualities, and talents, rare diseases, military service, unique talents, etc.

  1. Diversity should be related to the potential contribution of a person.

Many applicants are obsessed with the idea that they are different and thus fall into the category wherein they should be treated according to the diversity principles. However, they forget that their unique features and differences have to attain something. In other words, they should serve as proof that you deserve a place in medical school.

  1. Diversity requires proof (as all other parts of your college/ university application).

If you claim to be unique and special, be so kind to provide evidence and concrete examples of how specific features or characteristics helped you achieve something, manage something, solve a problem, whatsoever. Even though diversity is an intangible concept, it still demands tangible evidence. For example, if your parents are immigrants, you cannot just write in your medical essay diversity that this factor makes you deserve the place in college. Change your focus of narration and pinpoint that your background will enable you to find a common language with people from your motherland, etc. Besides, you can mention your character traits or the ability to empathize. Empathy serves a fundamental role in the nursing profession, so be sure to mention such soft skills. When enlisting your strengths, make sure to indicate how your character traits have shaped your philosophy of living or lifestyle and how they influenced your activities. Consider an example: “I am eager to motivate people and encourage them to lead better lifestyles. As such, I have been working as a nutritionist and sports consultant. I help people with nutrition and sports programs so they could cope with their excessive weight and other health problems.”
It is obvious that when writing an application essay, it is vital not just to mention that you should be treated with the principles of diversity. Even if you belong to some minority groups, pinpoint how you can use this aspect for the better, especially in concern with the improvement of your career.

  1. Eliminate frequent usage of buzzwords as it will not impress or persuade anyone to accept your essay for a medical school.

Many students reckon that frequent usage of such keywords as “minority group,” “diverse,” “diversity,” “ethics,” “ethical,” “multiculturalism,” “multilingual,” “underrepresented,” etc. will automatically draw positive attention to their essays and convince the admission committee that they deserve a place in a medical school. It will not. Let practical examples and situations from your experience talk for you.

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