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Learn How to Work at Home with Amazon

Many people have a rather biased approach towards freelancing and working from home. Nevertheless, if to dig deeper, one can find numerous appealing opportunities of working from home offered by reputable companies, in particular, Amazon.

How to Make Money with Amazon

Work from Home Opportunities with Amazon

There are numerous work from home opportunities that you will find when choosing Amazon. We will try to acquaint you with some of them.

Mechanical Turk

This website has been functioning since 2005 and is probably one of the first crowdsourcing services offering employment opportunities for freelancers.

The small tasks that the service offers are called HITS and they are comprised of such sub-tasks as inputting data, verifying information, transcribing, etc. As the tasks are not that much complicated, do not expect high salary – usually, you will get even less that $1 per task.

Customer Service

Really few people are aware of all opportunities to make money online. Customer service offered by Amazon can be suitable for people who are looking both for full-time or part-time employment.

Their responsibilities lie in helping customers over the phone and assisting them with some stuff they are interested in or are willing to buy.

Kindle eBooks

Amazon Kindle is one of the online platforms that have made self-publishing easier. If you are good at writing (preferably writing something more than mere blogs), you have all chances of becoming a published writer. Still wondering how to make money online? Try yourself at selling e-books!

Amazon FBA

You can join opportunities to cheaply buy some products from wholesalers and then send them to Amazon for storing and shipping to potential customers. You are not required to provide some kind of investment – as soon as you send the orders to Amazon you can sit back and get some passive income.

If you are sick and tired of looking for a permanent job, do not reject freelancing opportunities, namely those offered by Amazon. I hope that our tips have been useful for you.

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