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Ideas for Exchanging Christmas Gifts

In your opinion, what is more significant, the gift itself or the way you present it? Nowadays, there is such a great variety of gifts that it is really easy to get lost among them.

Ideas for Christmas Gifts

However, sometimes, even the most expensive thing is not able to substitute the whole process of presenting. In order to be remembered, try to be original and creative while handing your gifts.

Exchange Christmas Gifts

There are a few tips to help you turn the process of giving presents into a tremendous event. Family and friends are the closest people you have, so it is important to remember several hints:

Round-The-Friend Box

It is one of the best Christmas activities that gains popularity nowadays. The rules are simple: you put several small gifts with personal notes for each of your friends into the box. Then, you give this box to the first friend. That person takes the gift with a personal note and puts a present for you into the box. After the box made a circle, you get your box back, full of pleasant gifts.

Hot Potato Gift

Find your most embarrassing Christmas gift from the previous year and wrap it up for one of your family members. It will become an interesting tradition to pass this surprise like a hot potato every year.

Gift Maze

If your relatives want their presents, let them find the packages by themselves. Before the holiday party, turn one of your rooms into a maze with different colored threads. Each of those threads will lead to a certain gift, hidden somewhere in the room. Then, assign each person a color, and let him/her jump into the improvised cobweb, searching for his/her gift. The more “spiders” are there in the web, the tougher those searches will be.

Musical Gift

Children wait for these holidays for the whole year. It is very important not to hurt their feelings. Thus, you must choose the activities extremely carefully. One of the most creative Christmas ideas can be the game “musical chairs.” Children should sit on the chairs in a circle and pass a gift while the music is playing. When the music stops, a kid with the present in hands take it and leaves the play. You should continue playing the music until all the children have their desirable presents. Surely, it is much more enjoyable than just taking your gift out of the bag.

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