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How to Write a Personal Statement

The college personal statement is the most important document when entering a higher education institution. This is the only way to show oneself as a personality and a candidate with a set of achievements and publications.

How to Write Personal Statement

What Is a Personal Statement?

The main purpose of the personal statement is to demonstrate your personal interest and psychological readiness for the implementation of your study and research plan. Therefore, the style of this document should be emotional, expressive and individualized. The criterion for assessing the quality of the personal statement is the presence of as many features that would advantageously distinguish the applicant from other candidates as possible.

How to Write a Good Personal Statement

When writing this paper, you must adhere to a clear structure of presentation and academic style. It should contain all the necessary information, and at the same time, the size of the text should not exceed a specified amount. As a rule, each educational institution or program sets clear criteria: what information should be presented in the document, and how many words it should contain (most often, it is about 250, 500 or 1000 words). When working on the text, it is very important to adhere to all requirements.

Take writing a personal essay creatively. You will have to make certain efforts and think well in order to describe all your virtues and to present yourself in the best way. If you are applying to many educational institutions (or for different programs), do not use the same personal statement. Modify it depending on the specifics of the program, change the accents, etc.

There is no universal prescription for an amazing pharmacy personal statement. In many ways, its success depends on how you will be able to show your aspiration, knowledge, skills, and goals. Mastering the art of writing essays is possible only with constant practice.

Internet resources offer many examples of personal statements; however, they should be used only as samples. The admission committee can easily identify an exact copy of someone else’s text, and your application will be rejected.

Text Structure

As a rule, a personal statement consists of five paragraphs and occupies one page. Many programs define the maximum allowable amount of essay, for example, by limiting it to a certain number of words. Here is a rough outline of such a text.

  • The first paragraph: introduction, presentation of the applicant.
  • The second paragraph: description of the academic success of the applicant.
  • The third paragraph: description of the level of preparation of the applicant.
  • The fourth paragraph: extracurricular activities, describing the candidate’s personal characteristics.
  • Fifth paragraph: a description of the prospects (what you are planning to do after graduation).

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The Main Stages of Writing a Successful Essay

Determine the time needed to work on the personal statement. The recommended period is one month. Study the information about the program, in which you want to participate, and the peculiarities of the university, to which you are going to apply. Pay special attention to the research activities of the college and its individual structural divisions. The obtained information will help substantiate your choice of this particular university and this particular program and will show that the university and the department were not chosen by chance.

Discuss the topic of your essay with classmates, colleagues, teachers and other people. Try to make the most detailed and exhaustive list of those activities and events in your life that characterize your achievements in academic work (research activities and extracurricular work). Facts will allow you to individualize the text of your essay, make it more meaningful and interesting for the admission committee.

Describe the scope of your research interests (the area that you would like to work in). Try to connect it with your personal information as closely as possible.

Prove that you are the best candidate. Provide arguments. They can be divided into three groups, firstly, characterizing your success in the academic field, secondly, describing your psychological qualities manifested in other activities, and thirdly, showing your willingness and ability to overcome difficulties. Fill each section of your paper with specific details related to your education, work experience, and scientific interests. Ask your classmates, colleagues, and teachers to read the text of your personal statement, and make the necessary corrections.

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