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How to Present a Marketing Plan

Creating and presenting a business plan consists of several important steps. You need to consider them if want to succeed in any sphere.

How to Present a Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Presentation

If you prepare a presentation for display on the screen (projector), use only a large font, as much as possible large graphics, and furthermore, reduce the number of slides.  If you plan to print a presentation of your marketing plan, use a white background.

Marketing Audit Results

Present the main findings of the internal marketing audit. You can apply the following block structure: marketing, advertising, sales, customers, merchandising, products, prices, service, production, personnel, packaging, logistics, information technology, etc.

Pre-interview all key company employees on a pre-made list of questions. You will have a holistic picture with identified gaps in the company’s work, its advantages, as well as information about the market, competitors, opinions, and suggestions of experts for improving work.

Market Analysis

Here it is necessary to indicate the volume of the market, important trends, the shares of the main players (competitors), the main segments, groups of buyers, significant observations about what may affect the operation of the company. It is advisable to accompany this data with charts, graphs, and tables.

Company Products

Briefly introduce your products. Indicate the main differences from competitors’ goods and important advantages. Bear in mind to cover the disadvantages. Inform the audience about the planned changes (design, packaging, size, capacity, price, etc.)


You need to describe the collective portrait of the buyer as detailed as possible and highlight all the main groups of consumers of your products or services.


Describe your main competitors here. Indicate what market share your competitors occupy in the region where your company operates, the dynamics of changes over the past several periods. Also, indicate who can become your competitor in the near future (foreign companies entering your market, new actively growing young companies, etc.). If your company (product) has several areas (markets), specify competitors for each of them.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company

Describe 5-10 main advantages of your products and company (service, packaging, distribution network, reviews, licenses, prices, scarce specialized specialists, etc.). Tell about 5-10 major weaknesses of the company and products that are identified during the marketing audit and hinder the development of the company too.

Identify possible threats to a product or company (new law, strong competitor, change in consumption habits of the target group). Describe the likely opportunities for sales growth or strengthening the position of products (for example, competitor weaknesses, consumer needs identified during the study).

Marketing Objectives

Describe the main tasks that will be assigned to the marketing department. Specify goals, for example, “to increase product sales by 15%,” “to achieve a turnover in the provision of ancillary services of $ 1 million through the branch network.” Objectives must be coordinated with the management of the company.

Marketing Communications

Present your communication strategy, applied advertising methods, communication channels, frequency, the volume of advertising media, time of advertising campaigns, positioning used, selling points, advertising objects.


Briefly describe the pricing scheme used for individual products. Compare your price offers with competitors’ propositions, point out the identified gaps, if possible, suggest how you can improve the pricing policy. Analyze the current system of discounts and bonuses.


Describe the distribution channels of products. If your company has regional offices (distributors), indicate the most successful of them. Note which factors may affect the sales growth.

Sales Forecast

Build a sales forecast for the next reporting period. Indicate the factors and assumptions that were taken into account when creating your plan (increasing customer flows, strengthening marketing activities, expanding the partner network, and encouraging repeat purchases).


Indicate the main results to be achieved. List the most important findings from a business development point. Sum up the presentation.

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