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How to Make a Cartoon Yourself

Professional video-making is not a cheap pleasure. A professionally edited movie can cost up to several thousand dollars. A much more affordable solution is to resort to a self-made cartoon or a video.

How to Make Cartoon Yourself


There are a number of templates and manuals on how to make and edit animated cartoons and post them on some streaming services, such as YouTube. Among other advantages of such creations are the absence of the need to dub videos, the professionality of templates available, and scalable pricing plans.

However, one should kee in mind that templates’ prices are proportional to their complexity, and one cannot really go outside of the borders of the template.

Online Animation Maker

    • GoAnimate

It is a well-known cartoon video maker that doesn’t require you to be a video production master to use it. The program has a free 14 day-premium trial, while the monthly subscription will set you back $79 per month (GoPremium plan). To create a video in this program, you just sign in, press the “Make video” button, select a theme, after which you can choose heroes, background, musical support, etc. You can also see all the GoAnimate manuals and suggestions. You also have the options to always add an extra scene with custom durations. Finally, you save the project and choose where and how to export it – whether download as an MP4 file, upload on YouTube, or share on your social media.

    • Wideo

For videos shorter than 45 seconds, the templates are free. For a cartoon video maker, you can also use a promo code WIDEOANNUALWEB2150 to get a yearly discount up to 88%. The procedure of creating a cartoon is straightforward – start a new video, choose a template, design a name for your video, add objects, slides and everything else, and then save and download the project.

    • Animaker

You can make your own cartoon by resorting to this wonderful creative movie maker. Videos up till 2 minutes in duration are free. It also has many tutorials.

There are plenty of other alternatives, such as Powtown, Moovly, Explee, and Voki, to name a few. All of them will be decent and relatively affordable companions in a situation when you want to make your own cartoon. Unlike before, you don’t need to be an expert in the video production industry to make your own cartoon.

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