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How Long Is Medical School: Get to Know the Answer

One of the frequently asked questions by medical or nursing students is, “How long is medical school?” Actually, it is a good question to ask before making one of the most serious decisions in life that will most probably determine the future career choice and life path.

How long is Medical School

If you have decided to become a doctor, be prepared that it will be a tiresome path involving much studying and dedication. To answer your question, “How long is medical school?” it is necessary to indicate that the doctoral studies include not only medical school but also internship and medical training. For some students, the studying road that leads to doctoral degree can be really long one since they may fail and will thus need to pass another year of studies. It may even take up to seven years in general.

Peculiarities of Medical Education

During your first and second years of studying, you will mainly spend time in the classroom. Among the subjects that you will cover will be such as physiology, anatomy, and pathology among others to introduce you into the fundamentals of human organism. Actually, for many students, these two years of studying are the most challenging and the most boring since they have to learn a lot of theoretical information and build up their knowledge of the human body. Normally, students have a summer break only between the first and the second years of studying. Be aware of it in order to spend your time in a quality way and relax as much as you can.

The third and the fourth studying years mostly deal with spending time in the clinical setting. As a rule, students follow residents in hospital and learn how to attend patients and deal with them on a daily basis. Still, your work here will not be limited to merely attendance and observance – you will be frequently asked questions by doctors that concern your career and specific way of handling things. Another good thing is that you will have this practice in different medical fields, such as surgery, nursing, geriatrics, pediatrics, family medicine, and others. Actually, it will help you make up your mind which sphere you would like to work at.

After you have finished the fourth year of studying, you can finally be called a doctor. However, you cannot practice if you have not completed residency. If you want to become a doctor of general medicine, such as pediatrics, internal medicine or family medicine, your residency is going to last three years. In case you want to practice surgery, specifically neurological surgery, you will complete your residential studies only in seven years. So, the question to your answer, “How long is medical school?” depends on which kind of doctor you want to be. The medical school lasts four years. Overall, it takes up to 11 years to finish all the studying courses you need.

Difficulties of Studying Medicine in the USA

When it comes to the USA, studying dentistry and medicine can be tough and complicated when it comes to intellectual efforts, payment, and time. First of all, students face strict and thorough admission criteria. Second, if they are accepted, they encounter that the very process of education is rigorous and time-consuming. Nonetheless, students who have studied well and gained in-depth knowledge in the sphere are rewarded afterwards as they can find a good career and help people with their health problems.

Unlike doctoral studies in Europe, studying medicine in the USA starts after a student has finished four years of undergraduate study. It comprises of fulfilling the pre-medical studying requirements and acquiring a BA degree in any discipline. These requirements may differ from one medical school to the other, but as a rule, a student needs to take major studying courses, such as biology, physiology, anatomy, and chemistry. Other schools may require some general courses, such as English, humanities, science, and math.

The four-year doctoral studying in the USA is divided into two parts: pre-clinical and clinical. The former entails attending didactic courses in the basic scientific disciplines whereas the latter includes residency in one of the teaching hospitals. Afterwards, a student may get a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), with the help of which one can practice medicine with patients. One of the core requirements is to hold a BA in chemistry, biology or other field adjacent to medicine.

If a student would like to work in the pharmaceutical industry, he/ she needs to prepare a pharmacy personal statement. On the whole, before admittance to a medical school, a student has to pass the Medical College Admissions Test, which determines the ability and skills to work under stressful conditions, make quick-decisions, and apply critical and analytical thinking. Besides, a student is asked about the basic medical concepts.

When it comes to the medical studies opportunities for overseas students, they are rare. It is really hard for an international student to be accepted into the medical school as the schools receive many applications from well-qualified students who are US citizens. The field of medicine is rather competitive and international students find themselves at a disadvantage so far when it comes to their relation to native students. Many US medical schools require a certificate of English proficiency, a diploma from a US educational establishment, etc.

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