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How to Write a Personal Statement

POSTED: October 22, 2018

What Is a Personal Statement? The college personal statement is the most important document when entering a higher education institution. This is the only way to show oneself as a personality and a candidate with a set of achievements and publications. The main purpose of the personal statement is to demonstrate your personal interest and […]

How Long Is Medical School: Get to Know the Answer

POSTED: September 18, 2018

One of the frequently asked questions by medical or nursing students is, “How long is medical school?” Actually, it is a good question to ask before making one of the most serious decisions in life that will most probably determine the future career choice and life path. If you have decided to become a doctor, […]

Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement

POSTED: September 12, 2018

Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement In order to gain academic success, students are required to prepare a personal statement, statement of purpose, or both. Sometimes the instructions even say, “Write a Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose.” However, in the current article, we want to let you know the essentials of both assignments and point out […]

Medical School Diversity Essay: Brilliant Tips on Writing

POSTED: August 16, 2018

Students who have entered a medical school frequently ask questions how to write a medical school diversity essay for their classes. Many of them do not fully realize the importance of diversity and its role in providing quality care. Others consider diversity to be more of a political issue that has nothing to do with […]

How To Write a Good Medical School Personal Statement

POSTED: July 4, 2018

Many applicants want to devote their lives to medicine and help people. This is a very noble desire. However, candidates will have to pass a rigorous selection in order to become students of medical educational institutions. In addition to the package of documents that must be provided to the admissions committee, you will also need […]

The 14 Scariest Places to Visit in the USA

POSTED: May 23, 2017

The Mutter Museum, PA It has two floors riddled with human specimens and bizarre medical tools. Find the nerve to see a nine-foot human colon and a corpse called “Soap Lady.” The Winchester Mystery Museum, CA It’s believed to be a home to various spirits. Anyway, the museum has many odd features, including doors that […]

Crash Course on How to Make Friends in a New City

POSTED: April 19, 2017

When the time comes to say farewell to college, students don’t imagine their life after college. However, it does exist and it’s exciting, especially, if you meet the right people. Friendships after college help make this transition smooth and understand where you are. It’s a stroke of luck to find your people and I’m going […]

How to Write a Business Letter: Business Letter Writing Guide

POSTED: March 29, 2017

Five Sections: How to Begin; Developing the Letter Body; Writing the Summary or Closing; Reviewing and Finalizing the Work; Q&A If you are in need for an ideally crafted professional business letter, you are in the right place. Almost all business letters are designed according to the same business letter format and pattern. However, if […]

Effective Pharmacy Personal Statement Tips

POSTED: March 15, 2017

Writing an essay is always a pain in a neck. It is difficult to come up with decent ideas, organize them properly, arrive at reasonable conclusions among other things that make any student anxious and nervous. However, when it comes to creating an admission essay or personal statement, these feeling are enhanced by pressure and […]

How to Get All A: Tips Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

POSTED: February 15, 2017

When I was studying in college, I was a bright student. Many people thought that the main reason for it was because I was studying days and nights. However, they were really mistaken as they could not realize the possible reasons for that. The secret lies in the proper approach and setting smart goals. So, […]
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